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4 Puzzling Cat Behaviors Explained — 10 Comments

  1. This is a late response but there is the knocking things off of shelves and table-tops behavior. I don’t presume any reason for that other than it’s fun.

      • I don’t remember him or any recent trolls actually because I’m having other problems, but thank you very much… I don’t need that kind of aggravation either. Also, when I manage to be on here talking about cats it’s a joy they can’t kill anyway, which I’m sure annoys them in return. You always have my back buddy, thanks.

          • Thanks. I hope the health care is better over there; it sucks here. It’s so costly, aggravating and ineffective I’d really, really not even have it.

  2. My 6 year old tomcat “Matata” always has this habit of putting a “STINKY FACE” and prowling around the house for any “Cat Intruders”.He is the version of a miniature panther or a wild cat, bizarrely fierce for a traditional Persian cat. A freak of the Persian cat breed.Another bizarre trait of him is that he just doesn’t know how to mate, something very natural in animals.

  3. My cat doesn’t do any of these behaviors, but I’ve lived with roommates whose cats did the scooping food from the bowl, and the pretend burying. One scooped, and the other buried.

    The cutest things that Mitzy does is stretch with her rear towards me, and flop down on her side, then her back for a belly rub. Yesterday, she laid on her back for a long time while I brushed her tummy. She even closed her eyes as if it was really enjoyable. If she’s in my lap, and I say “big stretch”, she’ll stretch out with her paws overhead, and sometimes close her eyes. I feel so trusted by this little creature, who was so timid from living on the street for 2 years.

    We’re very bonded. I’m so amazed at how animals can come around, even after having no loving touch, sometimes for years. The work that “Compassion Without Boundaries” does is truly miraculous. They have a Facebook page.

    • I agree about animals, esp cats. I have one who was on the street for 13 years. He exhibited defensive aggression, was very unhealthy but no one could bring him in. I’ve had him for a year, we’re finally determining he has IBD and his pred dosage and diet, but he has constantly, viciously fought with my other cats. I determined he has very bad eyesight too, which contributed to his weird behavior. He is SUCH a love bug with me though it’s ridiculous; and he can sleep in my bed again which is another love/hate situation because he purrs so loudly I can’t sleep. What’r ya gonna do?

  4. Sophie often used to do feather dancing with her tail fluffed out. She was quite enthusiastic, standing almost on tiptoes whilst treading up and down with her back feet, chirping away. Mainly she danced as a greeting or when I was about to serve her dinner, but sometimes she would do it on request when I asked her to “do dancing”.

    I’d always assumed the behaviour was an expression of happiness, but I do wonder if there was also a hint of territorialism to the dance, because she would sometimes do it when we had visitors. These dances were shorter and no chirrping, so it did occur to me that had she not been spayed at an early age that she might have gone on to become a sprayer as an adult.

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