4 reasons why your cat won’t cat stay away from your laptop

There is a presumption that you are working on your laptop at the time that your cat won’t stay away from it! The reasons have to be common sense and based upon what is in it for your cat. A domestic cat will want to do something if he or she receives some benefit from of it, which is common sense, like I say. It depends, too, where your laptop is. If you’re working on the floor at home and your laptop is on the floor then I would say that it is less likely that your cat would be on your laptop or near it. Although they may interact with you because cats like it when their human companions come down to their level in terms of height.

Cat on laptop

Photo: @ninizulk via Twitter. This cat likes the heat and being close to their human companion.

Warmth – physical and emotional

Normally people work on their laptop at a desk or in bed or on a sofa. The bed is the best (for the human as well) because your bed smells of you (soaked in your scent) and cats like that and it’s warm because a laptop gives off heat and you give off heat as well. Also the duvet or blanket is a nice material to snuggle down in. Your cat will probably want to be where your laptop is and if you give way to that insistent demand you’ll have to move your laptop to one side and let your cat curl up on your lap. Sometimes domestic cats like to sit on the keyboard of a computer because it is warm. They don’t mind the apparent uncomfortableness of the hard, irregular surface.

Attention – interaction

They also like to interfere with what you’re doing because they want your attention. They want to interact with you and want more of what you usually do when you interact with them. This will probably include petting of some sort and conversation. I flea comb my cat when he is on my lap in bed and of course I pet him (never any fleas please note). He loves it. He wants more of it and he doesn’t want me engrossed in something which he doesn’t understand but which distracts me from interacting with him.

Cat on laptop

Cat on laptop. Photo: Tom Harries on Twitter. This cat seeks company, interactions and the warmth.

Vertical spaces

A third factor will be that your desk is a high vantage point so your cat feels safer up there sitting next to you or even on your computer. Even a bed is off the ground by a few feet, so once again it’s a nice vantage point which is very friendly.


There is a forth factor I would suggest. Sometimes there’s something happenning on the computer screen which attracts a domestic cat. Something will catch his eye because it’s moving quickly and he might temporarily be preoccupied with it. It’s a point worth mentioning although this is a lesser attractant to a domestic cat than companionship and warmth. All of these reasons are, as mentioned, about your cat seeking out something enjoyable and it boils down to: warmth, height, being close to you and interacting, reassurance and a place to snooze and sleep while secure.

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