4 tips on smoothing the introduction of new cat to a resident cat’s home (infographic)

As usual, the infographic says all I want to say on this. It is all about merging feline scent to make each cat feel at home (scent exchange). It makes cats feel like they are part of a family of friendly cats which also applies to humans as cats often deposit scent on our lower legs with their cheeks and flanks.

New cat introduction tips using scent exchange

Infographic on new cat introduction tips using scent exchange. By MikeB at PoC.

The infographic covers one aspect of new cat introductions. There are others which I cover in other articles some of which are listed below with links and pics.

New cat

Animal shelters are reluctant to allow a person to foster a cat if they have an existing cat

There appears to be a distinct difference in opinion between animal shelters and cat owners. I'm told that there is ...
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Infographic on 5 tips about introducing a new cat to a kid's home

5 tips on bringing a new cat into a child’s home (infographic)

I realise that a lot of this is common sense. I also realise that to many experienced cat caregivers these ...
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Resident cat and new kitten get to know each other from behind a screen and it works out well

New kitten and adult resident cat get on well through screen. How to maximise success.

What I like about this Reddit.com video is that is shows us an example of a good introduction between a ...
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Cat in crate method of introducing a new cat into a resident cat's home

Tip for gradual introduction of an incoming cat to a resident cat

There are at least three ways of introducing an incoming, new cat to a resident cat's home which is of ...
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Young cat kneads older cat

Should a new cat be the same or the opposite sex to the resident cat?

Should a new cat be the same or the opposite sex to the resident cat? To put it another way, ...
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