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$5000 of Water Damage to Florida Humane Society Shelter Was Not Caused by a Cat — 4 Comments

  1. Very good theories, Michael.
    I don’t believe, for one minute, that any cat would be capable of causing such a thing.
    Not even my smartest and most inquisitive cat could accomplish that.
    Seventeen hours is a long time. What came, first, in my mind was that cats would have to be free-roaming and unattended inside the building. Not a chance in the world!

  2. If it were really a cat, they should’ve made a You Tube video – it’d have millions of views and they could’ve made up some money lost. The cat would’ve been a star. Maybe they should still try. Such a video might go viral.

    It is of course a human error because as you said – if there is no blockage in pipes, there would be no issues even if a cat opened a faucet which is doubtful. Kind of reminds me when a friend had her friend staying in her home to cat sit two cats while she was away. When she got back, the guy said that the cats broke two wine glasses. That was interesting since a) the glasses were left in closed cabinets. b) this had never happened before even when she left the glasses on a counter top. There was no explanation as to how the cats broke the glasses.

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