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500,000 Pets Were Given Funerals in 2013 in America — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t think that because some people go to elaborate lengths to bury the body of a being that’s no longer living, will help to transform the feelings of people who declaw or mass euthanize. Education is really the only thing that ever changes anything, and it’s a long slow process.

    • I agree. What I mean is that because people are increasingly regarding their cat as an equal family member it should translate into less abuse such as declawing.

  2. I wish I could find all stats as to what humans do with their pets when they lose them.
    Some go to elaborate lengths while others bury in a simple cardboard box in their back yard. It doesn’t mean that one action is a display of more grief or love than another.
    It’s very, very personal. And, as long as we understand that it’s really all about helping ourselves through the storm, anything goes. Our beloveds don’t care what we do with their shells. They only care that we loved them and am going to be OK.

    • Good comment Dee. The fact that pet owners want a funeral service for their departed cat or dog indicates that they regard them as warranting it. This indicates placing a higher value on their cat than just a “pet” which in turn should result in better cat welfare.

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