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6 foot panther-like big cat grabbed man’s hand but his thick skin saved him!

This 30-year-old man living in Cornwall, UK says that he was attacked by a 6 foot panther-like big cat which grabbed his hand through a window. He says that as he has thick skin he didn’t suffer any damage! It makes me laugh because if we are genuinely talking about a jaguar or leopard then thick human skin wouldn’t make any difference, obviously.

Black leopard – image in public domain

The picture above it not the animal he saw! It illustrates the page and no more.

The Jaguar has the hardest bite of any cat on the planet. The Jaguar can bite through the shell of a turtle so let’s not pretend that Matthew Wild’s thick skin on his hand saved him from being injured by a jaguar or leopard.

Jaguar’s Taste for Turtles

He says that he first spotted the “beast” banging on the frame of an open window at the home of his girlfriend in Porthleven, Cornwall, UK.

He claims that the cat looked like a cross between a panther and a domestic cat. “Panther” is a generic term to describing a puma, leopard or jaguar. There are no domestic cat hybrids as a result of a mating with one of these very big cats.

He says the cat took a menacing swipe at him and grabbed his hand through the window. He claims that he is used to working with animals like this and that the animal was worse than anything that he has seen on the telly.

The animal growled at him louder than anything on Tarzan except for a lion. He is convinced that he saw a wild cat.

Matthew says that he protected his girlfriend from the predator. If he hadn’t been there she would have been eaten, he said. His girlfriend was terrified by the ordeal. When he called the cops to tell them that a big cat was on the loose they ignored him and even threatened to take action against him if he called again!

There are lots of legends of big cats wandering around the UK. One of them is a panther-like cat called the Beast of Bodmin Moor stalking the region where Matthew lives and occasionally feeding on livestock.

Every time that I have examined these cases the cat has been found to be a sweet, innocent wandering domestic cat, usually black. The photograph is usually very grainy and out of focus. You know what I mean. It’s just the usual stuff, no guff; news media quiet day material.

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