6 pictures of cats fascinated with the bathroom in use and 6 reasons why

Although not all domestic cats are fascinated with human bathrooms in use, there is a tendency that they will be for the reason stated below. It all depends upon the individual cat because each one has their own character as all well-informed cat caregivers know.

  1. Cats are inquisitive. When they hear the sound of splashing water and the activity inside the bathroom they will naturally want to investigate (sometimes). It depends on the individual cat.
  2. Cats sometimes follow their human caregiver around the home. They like to be with their human companion. If he or she goes into the bathroom they might follow.
  3. Without wishing to be indelicate, the smells in a bathroom are attractive to a cat. If, for example, a human goes to the toilet before they jump in the shower or the bath there will be human odours in the bathroom which will be attractive. Further, the hot water and the steam generated will help to make these odours even stronger and permeate them throughout the bathroom and bathroom area. This is also attractive to a cat.
  4. Some cats such as wild cat hybrids actually like to be messing around in water. One of these photographs shows exactly that with the Bengal cat inside the shower cubicle with their owner.
  5. It’s a fallacy to think that all domestic cats hate water. Many domestic cats might not like to be showered with water but they are prone to be inquisitive about the nature of water because it is in their DNA. The wild cat ancestor of the domestic cat would have hunted along water courses where they were available. This is where there is prey. Water can be attractive to a cat.
  6. In one of the photographs the woman’s cat is so fascinated with the smell emanating from the towel on her head that he has to, he simply has to, nestle within it. He’s both near his human companion and immersed within his human companion’s body scent. That is very attractive to a domestic cat. It is also an example of the cat’s athleticism

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