68 cats rescued from animal hoarding situation in Tullahoma, Tennessee

Sixty-eight cats were rescued Tuesday from a single family home in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The cats, of which many of them are pregnant or with newborn litters, were living in filth, are currently in the care of Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) Operation Center in Lebanon.

inside of the cat hoarders home
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Dubbed Operation Nine Lives, the Tullahoma Department of Animal Control and ARC collaborated on getting the cats out of a situation where they were living in unclean conditions with dangerously high ammonia levels. ARC President Scotlund Haisley said the lady who owned the property was the typical hoarder. She admitted to taking in a few homeless cats four years ago and the problem escalated.

City of Tullahoma Direct of Public Works, Wayne Lumbaugh, stated

“We take cases of animal suffering very seriously in this city. These animals desperately needed help so we didn’t hesitate to accept the assistance of Animal Rescue Corps and these cats are now in good hands.”

Rescued cats being offered comfort

ARC is currently treating the rescued cats for upper respiratory infections (due to the ammonia), eye infections, bladder infections as well as external and internal parasites. Once treatment is completed and the cats are given vaccinations, they’ll be placed with shelter and rescue partners who will find them good forever homes.

Until then, ARC is providing daily care. Once the cats are ready for rescue ARC will publish a list on their Facebook community page for those interested in adoption. For more information, please click here to visit their website.

68 cats were rescued from one home

Ironically, Animal Rescue Corps had recently conducted a two-day training course for the public on March 12 where one of the topics covered was animal hoarding where they described animal hoarding as “a compulsive emotional attachment to collect and keep animals.”

This situation is typical where people start out with just a few cats and allow them to reproduced unchecked. After four years of keeping cats, I’m surprised there weren’t more in need of rescue.

One of the cats rescued from Operation Nine Lives

No information is available at this time as to the name of the property owner or whether criminal charges will be filed. Article photos courtesy of Animal Rescue Corps. Instructions on how you can donate to help with their care, click

Instructions on how you can donate to help with their care, click here. You can also help by shopping their store or by joining the Amazon Smile program (and login (one time) and they will be your designated charity for all your future purchases made at smile.amazon. com. Volunteers are also needed. Just send a message to volunteer@animalrescuecorps.org with your contact information, any specific areas of interest, and indicate whether you are available in your region or if you are able to travel outside your region at your own expense.


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