68% of smokers say that if their cat became ill through passive smoking they might stop

Most smokers (78%) know that their habit could harm their cats. Both this finding and the one in the title are disturbing because they mean that cat owners who smoke are willing to harm their cat for the sake of maintaining their habit.

Third-hand cigarette smoke and cat health
Third-hand cigarette smoke and cat health. Original photo: Mikael Tigerström on Flickr
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The pet insurer MORE TH>N carried out a survey on smokers and pets (presumed: cats and dogs).

They found that pet owning smokers smoked an average of 9 cigarettes daily in their home or 3,285 cigarettes annually.

Almost a quarter (25%) of cigarette smokers smoked 15 or more a day. A fifth (20%) of smoking pet owners said that their cat or dog had eaten e-cigarettes, cigarettes or cigarette-related items in the past. Comment: I suspect this mainly concerns dogs. And e-cigarette capsules can be very dangerous to pets if ingested.

Over half of pet owners said that their cat or dog spent 23 hours or more at home. Comment: cats and dogs in these homes are exposed to the many chemicals present in cigarettes in the atmosphere and on furniture, carpets and their coats. Cats are particularly susceptible because they are great groomers.

The reaction of cats and dogs when their owner is smoking is interesting. Thirty percent of owners said that their pet moved away from them. Strangely, 13% said their cat or dog appeared to enjoy the smoke and 17% said that their pet sat beside them while they smoked.

Veterinarian Andrew Moore of Pet Claims at MORE TH>N said:

This Stoptober, MORE TH>N is calling on pet owners to give up smoking. Passive smoking is just as dangerous for pets as it is for humans, and increases the likelihood of them developing cancer and a range of other health issues. We urge pet owners that smoke to avoid doing so around their pets or inside their home to reduce their exposure to second-hand smoke. Our pets dedicate their lives to us so it is important that we thank them by keeping them happy and healthy.


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