68-year-old former social worker has become a treed-cat rescuer on a rampage

A 68-year-old former social worker from Georgia (USA) has become a treed-cat rescuer on a rampage and is the first to admit that while “No one’s ever found a cat skeleton in a tree,” some cats are just too scared to come down.

photo courtesy Normer Adams

Normer Adams worked for decades as the head of the Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children where he advocated for children until his retirement in 2013.

Now Norme climbs trees after cats. As it turns out, many cats find themselves stuck 100 feet in the air while the owner on the ground gets hysterical. “I’ve seen them try to come down face first and they just drop like a rock.”

In an interview with AJC News Norme described how saving a stranded cat is thanks enough and won’t take payment for his tree heroics.

“Taking money changes everything. When you get them in the bag, you can hear the owners start crying.”

His end line is “Cat’s in the bag!” shouted from the tree. Since a terrified cat can become dangerous, Norme bags them before climbing down.

Norme has a YouTube channel where he videos almost all of his rescues, which average one a week. He’s rescued 91 cats so far and wears a GoPro camera for close up dramatic shots of each rescue. At other times his wife Pamela documents a rescue from the ground.

Not only is Normer performing a valuable service to his community, but he also reinforces the fact most men never consider themselves too old to climb a tree. Be careful Normer!

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68-year-old former social worker has become a treed-cat rescuer on a rampage — 2 Comments

  1. What a top quality bloke Normer is. Humble too. More power to his elbow!

    Hearing a the cat yelling in terror got my two very concerned.

    I saw an account on Twitter once, called Cats In Trees which was a network of tree surgeons who did tree cat rescue.

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