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7 common sense ways to get your cat to drink more water — 2 Comments

  1. My vet also recommends trying to tempt them with sodium-free chicken broth if they’re not drinking enough water. My boy was dehydrated, though in addition to water bowls, I give him 4 oz. of canned senior cat food a day and only dole out kibble sparingly a heaping teaspoon at a time. I now give him his water in a few large measuring pitchers (4 cups/2 liters) I leave around so I can tell how much he’s drinking. I also had mine on Hill’s Oral Care kibble. But had to switch him to their kibble for senior cats. All my life I was deluded into thinking any kibble was good for a cat’s teeth. Hill’s is the only brand I’ve found that advertises that it’s product is good for a cat’s teeth. I sincerely hope it really is. So difficult to know for certain about cat food. So confusing!

    • Good comment. I think there is some benefit in Hill’s Oral Care kibble as the pellets are considerably larger. Good idea about chicken broth. I might try that. I mean if you are going to feed a dry food, I think the large pellets are better. One of my cats used to swallow kibble pellets whole without mastication. He’d sick them up sometimes. An indication that they were too small.

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