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7 Maine Coon Kittens — 9 Comments

  1. In the year 2000 I took in a stray that was part Maine Coon, and “Buddy” honored me with his companionship the rest of his life… and mine is quite empty now that he’s gone. I’ll never, ever get over losing him and I’ve had many others who I thought I felt the same about. There’s always one whom you’d rather switch places with than see pass away. No words can express.

    • I know exactly how you feel. If there is an afterlife (and I don’t believe it) I may see the cat I loved so much again. It would be a blessing.

  2. Maine Coons are gorgeous, probably among the most beautiful breeds out there. With those tuffs over the ears, tabbies look like little lynxes. I saw them at a cat show, I am always having problems there walking away without kittens, so much beauty. I also like the looks of Bengals and Somalis. Abys look nice too. British Shorthair are beautiful. Oh well, all cats are beautiful, Maine Coons, Bengals and Somalis would be my favorite going by looks alone.

    • Maine Coons are my favourite. I’d love to look after a Maine Coon cat. I may do it. I think I will. These kittens are adorable.

    • Eva, I think I am going to move home, build a huge enclosure and adopt a Maine Coon to share my life with Gabriel. It’s a bit of a dream and I should stop dreaming at my age and do it.

    • There is a sort standard price for purebred cats which is somewhere between about $500 (or ¬£500 in the UK) and over a $1000 depending on quality. Sometimes you can spend several thousand but the standard price is below $1000 and in the hundreds. Always see the breeder’s facilities, though, and ask challenging questions as there are some poor quality breeders around. You must see a certificate that the kitten is registered, purebred, pedigree and so on. Caution is the byword and get a contract that makes sense.

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