7-year-old girl and her cat fall 100 feet and both survive

This is a bizarre one. It comes from chilly north-central Russia. There was deep snow outside.

Flats from which the girl fell
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Flats from which the girl fell

The unnamed girl lives on the 9th floor of a block of flats. She was waiting for her mum to come home. They’d planned to go for a walk so she was dressed for it and she had a backpack. She put her cat in the backpack. I presume that she intended to take her cat with her on the walk.

The girl went to a window and opened it to check if her mum was arriving. Her cat wriggled out of the backpack and in doing so pushed the child forwards causing her to lose her balance and fall through the window with her cat to the snowy ground below. The fall was about 100 feet.

The hole in the snow where the girl impacted the ground

The hole in the snow where the girl impacted the ground

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According to medical examination, she received no life-threatening injuries.

The cat was unscathed except for the loss of one life. I’d expect that the cat fell free of the girl and was able to ‘parachute’ down by fanning out her legs to provide wind resistance.

The girl was badly bruised but nothing else thanks to the deep snow and her thick clothes.

Report: Rossiya via Daily Mail


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