7 years later, Cecil the Lion killer dentist Walter Palmer consistently receives one-star reviews

Lion killer Palmer
PALMER at his dentistry clinic.
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Walter J Palmer DDS still receives one-star ratings for his dentistry 7 years after he shot Cecil the Lion in Africa. On at least three websites where people can review the services he provides as a dentist: Yelp, vitals, Rate MDs, Dr. Walter James Palmer receives an overall rating of one star which is the lowest rating you can achieve.

This is because he is the notorious sport hunter who killed Cecil the Lion. In fact, he failed with his bow and arrow to kill Cecil. As I recall he injured the lion and the organiser of the hunt or one of those involved finished of Cecil with a bullet.

Walter J Palmer DDS
Walter J Palmer DDS still receives one-star ratings for his dentistry 7 years after he shot Cecil the Lion in Africa. Image: MikeB

The screenshots showing the ratings are shown above. Most of the reviews justifying the rating are about Dr. Palmer’s dentistry skills which they deride but some openly refer to his desire to shoot animals for fun and give him a one-star rating on that basis.

People don’t forget. They can’t. The killing of Cecil was an enormous news story seven years ago. Cecil was a well-known lion at the time. It is clear he was chosen by Palmer because Cecil was well-known. He wanted to kill a special lion to make it all the more entertaining. The justified animosity against Dr. Palmer has remained strong. I don’t expect things to change.

He will be hated to his dying days by hundreds of millions of people. I wouldn’t expect his one-star rating to improve. I hope it is affecting his business. There is one person, Mike B (no, it’s not me!) on the Yelp review webpage who grants him a four-star rating. It would appear that this person does not remember or doesn’t know about the lion shooting incident. Or he accepts it.

Protestors occupy the forecourt of Palmer's dentistry business.
Protestors occupy the forecourt of Palmer’s dentistry business (2015). Image in public domain.

Personally, it brings me great joy to know that there are enough people in the world like me who hate this individual for what he did. It indicates to me that the people who find sport and trophy hunting in this day and age unacceptable far outnumber those who find it acceptable.

Actually, the word “unacceptable” is too mild to describe what we feel about it. We detest it. We hate Palmer. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise that shooting lions in a far-off country (Africa) for the fun of it is about as immoral as you can get particular at a time when the lion population on that continent has decreased and continues to decrease rapidly to the point where their very existence in the world is being jeopardised.

The sport hunters (and those that organise sport hunting) who say that shooting lions improves their conservation are simply wheeling out the same old tired, disreputable argument which does not hold water in any shape or form.

The basic premise that you can destroy animals of a certain species to improve that species’ survival in the wild runs counter to any common sense and decency.

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