73% of cats with feline leukaemia survived and thrived on RetroMAD1

A press release on the pr.com website from Singapore dated December 5, 2019 tells us that a research article recently published in the archives of Veterinary Science and Medicine produced an interesting result for veterinarians and cat owners caring for a cat suffering from feline leukaemia (FeLV).

RetroMAD1. Photo in public domain – image modified by PoC.
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The authors of the study reported that after 173 days post-treatment the survival rate of cats treated with a daily dose of RetroMAD1 orally for 30 days was 73%. The survival rate of cats not treated with RetroMAD1 and suffering from feline leukaemia was 33%.

It is said that the cats who were treated thrived with a better quality of life up to the end of the observation period which was 433 days.

The co-inventor of RetroMAD1, Eng Huan UNG, who is also the principal author of the research article, said that they stopped observation of the cats who had not been treated with RetroMAD1 after 173 days because the owners of these cats were concerned about their deteriorating health. He said that very few of the cats would be expected to survive if they had been observed until day 433. This compares with a 73% survival rate after 433 days of those cats treaty with RetroMAD1 as mentioned.

“In over 100 cases of cats suffering from feline leukaemia presented by their owners from Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the US that received RetroMAD1 treatment, the lives of all these cats improved so dramatically after several weeks that the owners could not believe what they witnessed. Their cats continue to live well, free from suffering, and the owners are living testimonials to share their experiences. Without a doubt, RetroMAD1 saves lives.”- Dr Cher Yew NG, Chairman and CEO of Biovalence Technologies, the business developing this drug.

The results are impressive quite obviously. I am sure that it is up to individual cat owners and veterinarians to discuss this treatment and decide for themselves as to whether it is suitable. I don’t know the cost of it but it is liable to be not inconsiderable.

FeLV cats are adoptable and make great companions – LINK

I wrote about this drug in February 2015. At that time I said that it might be a wonder drug and that it was developed with the intention of improving livestock production efficiency. In my article I said that there were very positive signs of success from a rescue sanctuary in Malaysia called Friends Very Farm.

In addition a cat owner in America at that time had reported to me that he had had great success with RetroMAD1 in treating his very sick kitten suffering from FeLV. You can read that article by clicking on this link. The article contains more information about the development of this drug.

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