74-year-old man beaten up for feeding feral cats in Florida

Robert Smith is one of several people who feed a colony of feral cats in Key Largo, Florida, USA. While feeding the cats, he was approached by an unshaved, six-foot plus white man around 2 pm last Tuesday at mile marker 101 on the ocean side of US 1, which runs through Key Largo.

Robert Smith was attacked by a man because he was feeding feral cats in Key Largo
Robert Smith was attacked by a man because he was feeding feral cats in Key Largo. Picture: COURTESY OF JOHN DONNELLY
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The man told Mr Smith that he was breaking the law. Smith said that he wasn’t whereupon the man hit him (presumably with his fist) on the right side of his head which felled him. He hit his head on the ground. He says his teeth are broken and that it is too painful for him to open his mouth.

His girlfriend was nearby but did not see the attack. She took him to a nearby gas station where he phoned the police. Smith refused to go to hospital.

The police visited Smith at his home on a RV park. He told them that he does not know the attacker.

Comment: This is the first time I have read a report where a feral cat colony caregiver has been physically attacked by a person because they were feeding the cats. Although there are many disputes between people who care for feral cats and those who dislike feral cats particularly because they are feeding them. If there is one thing cat haters dislike more than any other it is feeding feral cats. They want them culled not fed because they think they spread disease and that feeding them attracts wild ‘critters’. It’s all about attitude and mentality. The two types of person are like chalk and cheese. They will never be able to come to an agreement on how to deal with feral cats in the US.

6 thoughts on “74-year-old man beaten up for feeding feral cats in Florida”

  1. You never heard of someone being harmed for feeding feral cats? I believe that if you check your archives you’ve been told dozens of times about one ecologically destructive “cat lover” even being shot to death for feeding feral cat-vermin. Why do you LIE so much? Or is it just dementia? I’m guessing the latter — or just your perpetual state of living in denial.

    Police: Cat lover shot to death | abc11.com

    • No, you have misunderstood me. This is the first time I have read of a man being punched like this under these circumstances. You are in breach of comment rules. Bye bye.

    • The link points to a story about a man who fed cats but who appears to have been attacked for his money not because he fed cats. More BS from you.

  2. Great… I’m so sad for that man, and this just a few days before I’m scheduled to start feeding about 30 ferals myself. (I’m filling in for the regular feeder who’s taking a few weeks off.)

    • You be careful Albert. Hope you are okay. I agree it is very sad for this man. Women who feed cats get shouted at (and sometimes attacked) and men get attacked for feeding feral cats. There is a lot of hostility from people who dislike feral cats.

  3. Reminds me of another case in Florida recently where the cat feeder was arrested for pointing a gun at people who supposedly repeatedly argued with her about feeding the cats while telling them “Don’t f$#k with me”. After this if I was her attorney I’d use this recent case to get her off on self defense or perceiving a threat.


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