75-year Old Woman’s Animal Rescue Could Close After 30 Years

75-year-old Carole Webb, a former veterinary nurse, has run Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary (FARS) for 30 years. She needs financial help through a sponsor or sponsors.

Carole has run FARS for 30 years
Carole has run FARS for 30 years. She needs a sponsor and proper funding.
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The video pretty much tells the story of this woman and her incredible effort to keep her rescue organisation going.


Please consider donating a small sum to help her animal rescue, Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary. For cat lovers there are feral cats on the farm. That’s the connection between this story and cats.

The back story to the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary is long and interesting. I’ll try and summarise. The overriding impression is that Carole is incredibly dedicated and stoic in her pursuit of animal welfare. She’s awesome.

Carol’s first rescue animal was a sheep who she named Larry. Carol’s animals increased in number considerably. She had to relocate her animal rescue to Cambridgeshire. She bought a small house and her rescue grew to over 800 animals. Carol’s rescue had grown too big for her facilities in Cambridgeshire and she moved again moving back to Hertfordshire.

Any net proceeds of sale were put back into the sanctuary. Her prime objective as always is animal welfare and to help animals. In meeting this objective Carol decided to forego the usual luxuries and began living in a mobile home on land which she could use for rescue animals. However, life was made difficult by vandalism.

Carol has struggled on for 30 years. She would love a sponsor, she says in the video. Carol reached out for help and asked Sharon Bull an inspirational speaker and writer to help market her rescue. It’s about raising money and the sanctuary’s profile.

The ever present struggle to raise funds has, it seems, reached a difficult moment, hence the video and the reason why I am writing this article. I don’t think my website can do much to help but it might do a little bit to help publicise the need to raise urgent funds for Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary.

The future is bright, because things are in place, provided funds can be found. They say they need to keep the sanctuary’s head above water over the next couple of months and request donations.

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