79-year-old woman ordered to jail for feeding stray cats will have her case reviewed by another judge

The 79-year-old Ohio woman ordered to report to jail on August 11 for feeding stray cats will have her case reviewed before that date by another magistrate, according to Fox8 News. Please click here to read the article posted July 30 on PoC.

sentenced to jail
Nancy was sentenced to 10 days in jail (Fox8)
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Nancy Sequela will appear before Garfield Heights Municipal Court Judge Jennifer Weiler at 11 a.m. on August 6 so Judge Weiler can hear both sides of the case. She was unavailable last week when Nancy’s case was heard and she was sentenced to ten days in the Cuyahoga County Jail for ‘contempt of court.’

According to local ordinance, Nancy was in violation under ordinance 505.23 for feeding stray dogs and cats, which is illegal in Garfield Heights. She has been fined several times in the past but this time she was heard by Magistrate Jeffrey Short, who apparently has no problem throwing a 79-year-old resident in jail.

Animal Warden Bonnie Hackett told Fox 8 that Nancy is a repeat offender, being ticketed several times over the past four years.

“We have had numerous complaints from neighbors. This started in 2015. The neighbors have called us asking for help. It becomes a health issue for neighbors. There are numerous cats. I have caught 22 cats already in that area. I am aware of 10 to 12 that are still over there now.”

judge to rehear case
Judge Weiler will hear case on August 6

PAWS Ohio Executive Director Amy Beichler says her organization will help take care of the cats by trapping them at the home, giving them medical care and put them up for adoption. Amy is working with Stautzenberger Collect in Brecksville, who will provide care for the cats before they go up for adoption.

This plan worked in the past for cats on the property. Cats and kittens were trapped, vetted and put up for adoption.

Nancy is ready for the cats to be taken from her property so they can find good forever homes. She’s hoping Judge Weiler will offer her a different sentence than jail time because “The thought of going to jail scares me so bad.”

More than 6,000 have signed a change.org petition asking the judge to give a kinder sentence.


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