8 funny, cute and clumsy cat moments

8 cute cat moments on video
8 cute cat moments on video. Screenshot.
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Domestic cats aren’t always super-agile and amazingly athletic. Sometimes they can look a bit clumsy but nonetheless very cute. Here are eight funny, cute and clumsy cat moments. I don’t normally like “funny cat videos” because not infrequently the cat is stressed. It’s not clever to make a funny cat video out of a stressed cat. However, this video gets around that problem and its pretty pleasant. The funniest section for me is when the cat tries to tap a ball but it’s too late. The section with the green ball in between the hind legs of the ginger cat is all about static electricity as you probably realise. It has attracted the ball to the cat’s fur which is charged. I guess the fur is negatively charged and the ball is positively charged and therefore they attract each other.

And the section where the cat looks at a mouse on an iPad indicates that they think the mouse is real and not on an iPad! Otherwise, they wouldn’t dive in to grab the mouse in their jaws after it exits the bottom of the screen. I guess we shouldn’t expect a cat to understand iPads and computer screens. Cats have the same problem with mirrors. They don’t pass the classic mirror test which indicates self-awareness or so it seems.

34% of cats featured in ‘funny cat videos’ are upset and stressed

Years ago, I queried whether cats entertained by cat games on iPads scratched the screen. Not a huge topic of conversation but although you want to entertain your cat you don’t want your computer destroyed in the process.

8 cute cat moments on video
8 cute cat moments on video. Screenshot.

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