88 year old lady prepares to close her cat shelter with grace and charm

Violet Winegarden will be 88 years of age on March 20th 2017. She still runs her cat sanctuary ‘Happy Cat Haven’. It is in Canada just over the border from America on the Sunshine Coast which is near Vancover I believe. She signs off as ‘Violet Winegarden, Gibsons’.

Violet Winegarden
Violet Winegarden
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She used to have a website but it has closed. She wrote a letter to the local online newspaper, Coast Reporter to announce the forthcoming closure of her cat shelter. This is it:

I am writing this letter to say the Happy Cat Haven will be shut down. I will be 88 years old on March 20. But I am also full of love and energy to help all animals.

I will have animals here and will be taking them into the Haven until I die. No one knows when their life will end, so should I have 10 or 12 cats here when my time for leaving comes, I believe those cats will find loving homes at once with people who have always supported and loved Happy Cat Haven for what we do and have done.

Please continue to bring your old cats here, where they will stay, and young cats will be taken to the local SPCA.

I live here, so phone calls are welcome and cats may be brought all day.

These are my last and final wishes.

Violet Winegarden, Gibsons

For me it is notable for its charm and warmth. It tells me she has a pure, tender spirit even at such an advanced age. She is still ready, willing and able to take in rescue cats. I don’t know her but I like what I read.

Violet Winegarden five years ago
Violet Winegarden five years ago

When she was 83 she was honoured with an award ‘The Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award’ for her work in rescuing cats (see photo above). I have discovered that she has many fans. You can count me as one of them. There is a place for you in heaven over the Rainbow Bridge amongst the spirits of many happy cats.

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  1. God Bless Violet Winegarden! I’m sure when she finally reaches the Pearly Gates, she will be followed by a parade of cats who will be waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge, just as my friend has just mentioned!


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