91% of people say they would do what this woman did but would they?

A woman crawls into a small, wet, dirty drain opening in the gutter of a road and rescues a kitten who had fallen into the drainage system or she had been put there, we don’t know. How did a kitten get into a road drain?

Kitten rescue from drain by brave woman
Kitten rescue from drain by brave woman
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These are the actions of a gutsy woman. And I love gutsy women with a heart and tenderness towards animals and animal rescue.

There were two people there because one of them videoed the rescue. That makes me a little thoughtful about the genuineness of this video. I only say that because a lot of people make videos for the internet with the sole purpose of making money through advertising on the video. But putting that aside for a moment because I am probably too cynical.

Comments on the video which has been seen over half a million times are generally full of praise for the courageous and kind action of this young woman and rightly so. I feel the same way except for the slight qualification mentioned above.

A poll under the video asked if visitors would do the same sort of thing and 91% said that they would. If that’s true we can say with confidence that the world is a better place than we think it is. But perhaps the sort of people who read these articles and watch these videos are kindly people interested in animal rescue.

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6 thoughts on “91% of people say they would do what this woman did but would they?”

  1. Of course I would! My claim to fame was going down a well to rescue a kitten. My sister was with me, we didn’t give a thought to getting photos or a video, it was a case of getting that hungry, terrified kitten to safety as quickly as possible.

  2. I would have done it. The last rescue I did I took snap shots of the cat before I took her from where she was, for proof of the need to; (she was extremely unkempt with a massive sarcoma that was noticeable).

  3. The kitten looked fully mobile so it could have easily fallen into the drain. It’s also common for everyone to have a phone and video. I might not have crawled into the drain but I certainly would not have walked away without finding help for the little bugger.


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