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91-year-old American Woman Made Purses Out Of Neighbors’ Missing Cats — 6 Comments

  1. ok… I’m wondering if someone saw their cat, fluffy, dangling from her arm, styled in her latest clutch? It didn’t say how they found out… just saying..

    • In the picture on this page you will see on the left hand side a small photograph of skins of domestic cats which I presume relate to the handiwork of this lady and which were photographed by the police. It seems that she confessed at the end of the day partly probably because she saw little wrong in what she was doing. I think she just got careless and it became known that she was making purses out of skins. Perhaps she tried to sell them and then people became suspicious and ultimately the truth came out. Thanks for commenting.

  2. There is a part of me that wishes i didn’t know that these acts of cruelty towards cats didn’t happen in this world because i wish i could help every one of them…It really discusts me to hear about how cruel people can be..it’s a cats world too and some people forget or don’t care about that…..

    • Well, yes on this occasion I have to agree with you. It is disgusting. I hate it but the world does not really care about the cats in China except for the brave animal rights activists in China who save lorry loads of cats being shipped to hell – a part of China where they are indescribably cruel to animals.

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