92-year-old cat loving New York woman allegedly murdered on the street

People.com reports that a 92-year-old woman, who loved cats, has been assaulted on the street in New York. The assault forced her to the ground causing severe trauma to her neck and back. She was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. In my book, based in the facts as reported, that amounts to an allegation of murder because causation from the attack to death appear to be continuous and uninterrupted.

Maria Fuentes

Maria Fuentes. Photo: People.com

The newspaper has not mention the word ‘murder’ but I feel I have to because that is exactly what it looks like. As a matter of interest, the NYPD through their chief Rodney Harrison, posted on Twitter asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a man photographed by security cameras. The photographs are published on this page below. The pictures are very clear and the man is wanted for questioning. The assault took place in the area of 127th Street and Liberty Avenue in Queens, New York.

Alleged murderer of 92 year old woman who loved cats

Man wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of a 92 year old woman who loved cats. Photos: NYPD.

The man, as you see, was wearing fancy trainers of some sort, a bright red hat, a dark jacket and what looks like fashionably torn jeans. He is of a slim build and it looks as though he’s in his late 20s to me.

Security cameras also picked up the assault. The footage shows Maria Fuentes being approached from behind and then attacked by the man. Below is the Twitter post by NYPD.

Maria Fuentes’ alleged murder has sent shockwaves through the neighbourhood. She’s lived there all her life and was well-known. She not only had a passion for cats but taking care of her community.

Note: sources for news articles are carefully selected but the news is often not independently verified.

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