939 comments in May: US$47 donated to the Quincy Animal Shelter

The month of May has been a great month for comments on this website, PoC. You may remember that in the top left-hand corner of the homepage (and top right on subsequent pages) I left a notice saying that every comment would earn five cents for an animal charity chosen by one of the contributors.

At the start of the month there were 75,540 comments on the website. At the end of the month the number of comments was 76,479. The total number of comments written in May is therefore 939. Therefore the amount earned for the charity is $46.95 which I have rounded up to US$47. It was paid through PayPal before this article was published.

Donation to Quincy Animal Shelter
The Donation to Quincy Animal Shelter made on PayPal today.
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

There have been some fantastic contributors to the website during this month. I could have chosen a number of people to decide upon the cat charity which will receive a donation from this website.

I decided that Gail McGough could select the animal charity and she chose a local animal shelter where she has worked for 10 years. I will run this event again soon and I have in mind three ladies who should be given the opportunity to choose an animal charity.

PoC charitable donation
PoC charitable donation

This is what Gail says about the shelter of her choice:

I would choose my own no-kill shelter as the animal charity of my choice. Seventeen years ago, this shelter was the city pound where the shelf life of most cats and dogs was about a week, if they were lucky, prior to being put down.

A group of twelve citizens gave a proposal to the city asking the facility to be changed to a no-kill shelter and that it would be all-volunteer run. Since the city owned the building and land (animal control has an office within), the city agreed. They maintain the premises while we run the shelter.

Fast forward to today, we have upwards of 150+ volunteers. What used to be the euthanasia room is now ISO (isolation for sick cats). We have a successful TNR program, foster program, medical program for low-income vet care, annual rabies clinic for the public (sponsored by the city) for $10/USD and reciprocal agreements with other no-kill shelters whereby we transfer animals back and forth should any animal languish too long in our shelter and vice versa.

For example: we had a 6/month old Mastiff puppy (over 5-ft tall in the sitting position!) who was too large for our small shelter to appropriately care. We transferred him to a Mastiff rescue in Rhode Island. Within a month, he was adopted to a loving family in Rhode Island who lives on 3-4 acres of farm land with a man-made lake. They sent us a quick video of the puppy splashing away in the lake having a wonderful time!

These are but a few examples of how this shelter is run and I’m very proud to say this is my tenth year as a volunteer. Everyone here does it for the love of the animal.

The Donee

Our shelter is Quincy Animal Shelter, Quincy, Massachusetts: Quincy Animal Shelter.

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