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Javanese Cat

Note: I am using terms from the US standpoint. In Europe the term “Javanese” means something different, a solid-colored Oriental Longhair. Introduction If the Balinese is a “Modern” Siamese with long fur, the Javanese is a Balinese with “unconventional” (non-traditional) points. Confused?  It is also described as an Oriental Longhair with points. There is a …

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Himalayan Cats

Himalayan Cats – contents: Introduction History Colours Health Practical Information Breeders (selected) + Standard (links to) Introduction Himalayan cats (“Himmies”) are called “Colourpoint Persians” in Europe, whilst “Himalayan” is an American term. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) classify this cat breed under the “Himalayan Division” of the Persian cat. It is therefore a pointed Persian cat. …

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This is Miki my turkish Angora cat (or I think it is Angora)

by Elvis (Albania) Mike looking very glamorous and handsome. This is Miki my Turkish Angora cat. I’m not sure but from what I’ve seen in the internet it seems to be an Angora. What do you think??? Elvis Hi Elvis.. Yes, agree Miki has purebred Turkish Angora written all over him but without documentary evidence …

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