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Baby and cat duel for the laser pointer

Baby and cat duel for the laser pointer

When a baby and the family cat both play with a laser pointer in exactly the same way and with the same interest and fun it breaks down the barrier between the species. The...

Baby sand cat

Picture of a newborn baby sand cat

This is a photograph provided by KTVB-TV Boise of a newborn sand cat, born at Zoo Boise on April 4, 2021. They announced the birth of three male baby sand cats. The parents are...

The Cat in the Manger by Michael Foreman

Baby Jesus and the Manger Cat

This would be a great manger cat Furby has his version of the M mark (photo added by Michael) There are a lot of nativity scenes in my area this time of year celebrating...

Cat and Baby Precautions

Cat and Baby Precautions

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) My daughter Laura and Smokey Smokey and a very sleepy Laura Good morning readers. Today I’d like to address one of the main reasons the family cat is turned into...

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