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Cat poisoned by antifreeze

One family lost six cats to antifreeze poisoning

A family has been left heartbroken by the death of their cats through antifreeze poisoning. They believe that an antifreeze poisoner has deliberately killed six of their cats over the past five years. They...


Urgently treating a cat poisoned by antifreeze

Immediately induce vomiting and then take the cat to a veterinarian. That, in a nutshell, is how you administer urgent treatment to a cat poisoned by antifreeze. I have more or less quoted respected...

Non Toxic Antifreeze

Non Toxic Antifreeze

by Michael (London, UK) It is really time, in fact beyond time, when something should be done about bloody car antifreeze. It does not have to be poisonous to cats. It is easy to...

Making Antifreeze Unpalatable To Cats

Making Antifreeze Unpalatable To Cats

Photo by eskimo_jo (Flickr) Making antifreeze unpalatable to cats would save many thousands of cat’s lives and prevent hundreds of crimes. News on the subject of cats contain on at least a weekly basis...

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