It’s impossible to kill all Australia’s feral cats but they go on killing them

Aussie feral cat in the arid interior hunting small marsupials and mammals

It’s nice to read that some Australian citizens including some Australian scientists strongly disagree with the war against feral cats in Australia which takes place daily and nightly in order to try and protect the small mammals and marsupials in the outback. The scientists who organise the killing of feral cats such as Dr. …

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In Australia if you kill foxes feral cat numbers increase in places where these ‘pests’ are sympatric

In Australia where the fox and feral cat are sympatric if you poison foxes to death with bait the feral cats tend to do better and kill more prey animals

The Conversation website boldly states that “baiting foxes can make feral cats even more brazen”. That statement is based on a study of 1.5 million camera traps photographs taken in forests of Australia. They studied the photographs by hand. ‘Sympatric’ – where wild animals live in the same area or their distribution overlaps. Is …

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Proactivity is the way to deal with feral cats in Australia

Take proactive steps to deal with Australia's feral cats

Australia’s Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, recently declared war on feral cats. I thought that Australia had been at war with feral cats for a very long time so this statement came as a surprise to me. They’ve been killing feral cats (and the occasional pet cat or dog) in Australia for many years as …

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Australian Capital Territory (ACT) acts humanely towards feral cats while the other jurisdictions do not

ACT Government logo

As an introduction I would like to say this: the volunteers who manage feral cat colonies under TNR programs are very decent, kind people. They do their work without charge, freely and with a love of the cats. One TNR volunteers sums it up, “The amount of suffering is the reason that we do …

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Australians are ‘nativists’ who want to destroy feral cats and restrict cat ownership

Nativism and speciesism is behind the mass killing of Australia's feral cats

I had never heard of the word ‘nativist’ until Nathan Winograd used it. It is good one when used to describe the Aussie attitude to feral and stray cats. Nativists believe in nativism which means, “the political policy of promoting or protecting the interests of ‘native-born’ or established inhabitants over those of immigrants, including …

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Complex interplay between Australia’s feral cats, invasive rabbits and native mammals

Feral cat of Australia

There is a confusing (to me) and complex interplay between the feral cats on the Australian continent, the rabbits upon which they prey, and the conservation of precious native mammals. European rabbits were introduced to Australia in the 18th century. European cats were also introduced to the continent at a similar time (as were …

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How many feral cats are there in Australia?

Feral cat Australia

A secondary question would be to ask how Australians count the number of feral cats in Australia. To this question there is no answer. And therefore, the guesstimate that there are about 2.7 million feral cats in Australia is simply that, a guesstimate. It has probably been worked out by extrapolating the numbers from …

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Attitude of Australian state governments towards feral cats indirectly promotes cat cruelty as evidenced in Perth

Western Australia domestic cats painted blue by unknown person

PERTH, AUSTRALIA – NEWS AND COMMENT: There has been a spike in cases of cruelty to cats and kittens in Perth’s northern suburbs, recently. The RSPCA reports an increase of 30% compared to last year in cat cruelty cases. I’m not going to show any pictures except for the picture of a cat painted …

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