Owl defends itself with impressive body language in stand-off with tabby cat

Owl defends itself against the presence of a domestic cat by making itself much larger. The cat response in kind.

This impressive owl has made itself look much larger and it rocks from side to side as a means to display body language at a gray tabby-and-white cat who was probably wandering around his backyard or somewhere nearby when he encountered the owl. It is a cute stand-off between two different species, both predators. …

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Classic example of human body language signal and loving feline response

Human body language signal to cat elicits loving response

I am sure that you have your signals which you deliver to your cat which are designed to elicit a specific response. If you haven’t your should have. Cats reiprocate and have their signals to which we respond which reinforces the cat’s willingness to go on making those signals. They can be sounds and/or …

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‘Cat Whisperers’ don’t just read cats’ facial expressions but body language too (plus a quiz)

Quiz on cat facial expressions

There is a study out and the media have latched onto it. In doing so they have distorted it. The reports say that 13 participants achieved a 75% success rate in reading cats’ facial expressions. These were the cat whisperers. They were often people like veterinarians. You can read the study in its entirety …

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Cat Body Language

Cat body language

Some of these behaviors are my personal thoughts while others are well-known and universally accepted. If you have personal experiences of cat body language not listed here I’d be very pleased if you would tell us in a comment. Photo by Malingering Cat body language is one of several ways by which a cat …

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Pay attention to what your cat is telling you through his body language

Cat welfare manager

Paying attention to what your cat is telling you through his body language can be the difference between good and bad cat ownership (caretaking or guardianship). The words could have been mine but come from the manager of animal welfare at the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BCSPCA), Kim Monteith. …

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