Governor of the state of Virginia is about to sign off a ban on cat declawing

The legislature of the US state of Virginia has debated a ban on cat declawing and it is before the Governor for signing off

The Virginia Mercury online newspaper tells me that the legislature of Virginia has debated a ban on cat declawing under House Bill 1354: Prohibiting declawing cats. This is very welcome news to people like me as anybody who reads this website will know. The bill is before the governor for signing off as I …

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Québec bans cat declawing and three other non-therapeutic animal surgeries

Banned surgical procedures in Quebec are feline declawing, ear trimming, tail trimming and removal of vocal cords

NEWS AND VIEWS: By Québec banning cat declawing – a great step in promoting animal welfare – it leaves the province of Ontario, Canada, as the only jurisdiction where cat declawing is now legal in that country. RELATED: 63 jurisdictions specifically ban cat declawing (Dec 2023) Canada is miles ahead of America in terms …

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63 jurisdictions specifically ban cat declawing (Dec 2023)

63 jurisdictions ban cat declawing as at Dec 2023

There are 63 jurisdictions where cat declawing is specifically banned in their legislation. You can almost certainly count in many more because umbrella animal welfare laws would ban cat declawing for non-therapeutic purposes. The 63 jurisdictions where declawing is banned would allow declawing for therapeutic i.e. for health reasons. That’s an important point. Tacoma, …

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The reason why America culture permits cat declawing

American culture opens the door to cat declawing

I’ll start of this discussion – and it is no more than a discussion as this is my opinion – by quoting Dr Bruce Fogle DVM from his book Complete Cat Care. He says this about cat declawing: Declawing cats is a cultural issue – In some countries cats routinely have their nails removed …

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Veterinarian’s hypocritical statement about cat declawing is breathtaking

Declawing cat

The hypocrisy of Dr. Joanne Carlson DVM is breathtaking. She is the President of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association. She is pushing back on a proposed law that would ban declawing in Illinois. Veterinarians normally do pushback when politicians propose a declawing ban because declawing is a good revenue stream for the vets. …

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10 reasons why cat declawing is wrong, unethical and immoral

Picture and words which explain why toes are so important to domestic cats and why they should not be mutilated by veterinarians under the banner 'declawing'.

1. Grooming It is rarely if ever mentioned but a domestic cat uses their claws as part of their grooming routine. Every cat needs and desires to be well groomed. A coat in good condition is vital for their well-being. For temperature control, cleanliness, waterproofing and for controlling scent-signalling. As a consequence, cats are …

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US state of New Hampshire considering a ban on cat declawing

New Hampshire considering banning declawing

More good news on the American domestic cat front. More common sense within the world’s biggest domestic cat marketplace. More ethical thinking. More resistance from the veterinarians to ban declawing which surprises me. In fact, it shocks me that veterinarians in America resist so vehemently what they promised to do in the first place; …

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ASPCA are wrong about cat declawing

ASPCA condones this - declawing

Here is the reason why ASPCA are wrong about declawing cats. Today, there is a tweet from City the Kitty which states that “ASPCA ultimately condones declawing and is helping declawing vets make money from this cruelty”. They want people to ask Subaru to stop donating millions to ASPCA. Subaru is the biggest contributor …

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