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Heart-shaped poop from cat litter tray that tells you that your cat loves you

What is the worst type of cat litter?

In my opinion the worst type of cat litter is the one which kicks up the most dust and if the substrate contains crystalline silica it is particularly dangerous. It appears that a substance...

Cat leaving a covered litter tray

Is bentonite cat litter safe?

Sodium bentonite cat litter is not 100% safe. Pretty well nothing, human made, is 100% safe so it’s a question of how safe you want your cat litter to be. Personally, I don’t think...

Litter dust is concerning

Is cat litter dangerous to breathe?

The question does not specify whether it refers to cats or people. I will therefore deal with both. It’s different for cats because they are much closer to the cat litter and they rummage...

Four kittens - the average litter size

What is the average size of a cat litter?

The average (and ideal) litter for a queen seems to be about four kittens. Robinson’s Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians tells us that ‘statistics kept on pedigree cats indicate that most breeds tend...

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