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Cat music

Do cats respond to music?

Do cats respond to music? The question should be rephrased, ‘Do cats respond favourably to music?’. Some human music played loudly would certainly upset a cat if not a human as well. So the...

Alley cats

Alley Cats Perform To Music (Video)

The music compliments the parkour-like antics of the central character as he runs away bouncing off the walls of the alley. Cool cats. They remind me of the Top Cat cartoon character.

Are Cat Ears Supposed to Be Hot?

Do cats hate loud music?

Yes, domestic cats hate loud music and shouting. These loud sounds are torture to the cat’s delicate hearing apparatus. A cat’s ears are much more sensitive to sound than the ears of his or...

Do cats like music?

Do cats like music?

Personally, I have never seen any indication from my cats that they like music but perhaps this is because I play human music (rarely). I’ll admit to being sceptical. I don’t believe cats do...

Do Cats Appreciate Music?

I was contacted by a promoter of perhaps the best cat music you can buy on the market. It has been composed “scientifically” by a talented cellist with a distinguished career, David Teie. He...

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