Why do some cats not react to catnip?

Sphynx cat eating catnip is a shocker

We don’t know why some cats don’t react to catnip! That’s the complete and unhelpful answer. The experts think that a cat is predisposed to reacting to catnip because of their inherited genes. But we don’t know what genes are the triggers. The experts call it “the genetics of catnip sensitivity or susceptibility”. We …

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Mice produce lactones which act like catnip on cats

Mouse and cat

Professor Benjamin Hart from the University of California’s School of Veterinary Medicine claims that mice produce lactones which act like catnip on domestic cats and, in doing so, it acts as a defence against being killed by said cats! Catnip contains a molecule called nepetalactone. You can see the connection in terms of chemistry. …

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Domestic cats use catnip and silver vine to protect against mosquitoes?

Domestic cat luxuriating in catnip

There is a proposition online in the news media that the similar chemicals in catnip and silver vine, nepetalactol and nepetalactone respectively, can help protect a cat from mosquitoes and perhaps other parasites, as well as giving them a high. Do cats deliberately seek this protection from mosquitoes? The idea comes from a research …

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Is catnip okay for kittens?

The active agent in catnip

Yes, catnip is okay for kittens but Dr Desmond Morris writes in his book Cat World that, “Young kittens do not show the response. For the first two months of life all kittens avoid catnip, and the positive response does not appear until they are three months old”. Has your kitten responded contrary to …

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