Grieving owner thinks new puppy was ‘sent’ by her deceased cat. Viewers insist it’s reincarnation.

Have you ever had a “reincarnated” cat or dog? Or a new pet you believe was sent by a beloved pet you recently lost? This topic gets a lot of chit chat online, especially by pet owners who have had this happen personally. Grieving cat owner and TikTok user @Iimbrookeeee_lynn AKA “Brooke” tells of …

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Secret Life of Loved and Now Deceased Cat Revealed in Note from Neighbor

Teddy and Bear

Bear was a handsome classic tabby cat. His brother was Teddy. They look very alike and were inseparable. They liked to explore the neighbourhood together. Bear died last month and his owners were heartbroken. Teddy carried on exploring. One day he came back with a note attached to his collar and one of his …

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Would You Turn Your Deceased Cat Into Jewelry?

By Elisa Black-Taylor I have a question for all of you today. Would you turn your deceased cat into jewelry? I sent Michael an email last week stating this could easily be the most bizarre story I’ve ever written. I’m not here to say I agree or disagree with this new form of “keepsake.” …

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List of oldest living and deceased domestic cats 2023

Henry who was at one time the oldest living domestic cat

Here is a spreadsheet listing the oldest living and deceased domestic cats as at 2023. I have to come clean right away and say that this list although very comprehensive might not be completely current as things obviously change and quite quickly as the living elderly cats will be dying. It needs to be …

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