21 human sexualities and gender identities listed. The male tortoiseshell might understand.

Flags of the spectrum of sexualities and gender identities

Of course, cats don’t recognise the 21 different sexualities and gender identities that appear to be accepted nowadays. It is a different world to the way it was 10 years ago. I fully accept these identities and sexualities. I’ve always believed that there is a spectrum of feelings about one’s sexuality and gender. Although …

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Reason why a cat might follow their caregiver down the sidewalk

Cat follows owner down sidewalk

The reason why cats sometimes, perhaps rarely, like to ‘take walks’ with their owners is not the same reason why dogs often take walks with their owners. The difference in reason goes to the very heart of the feline and canine character. This is not to say that cats cannot be trained to walk …

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How do domestic cats respond to music?

Domestic cat enjoying music. Or are they?!

Cats and music—a curious combination! Let’s explore how our feline friends groove (or perhaps purr) to the tunes. 🎵 In summary, cats do have musical preferences, and understanding their reactions can help us create harmonious melodies for our feline companions. 🐾🎶 For further exploration, you can check out the scholarly articles: Remember, whether it’s …

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