Cat food is ultra-processed. This kind of food risks diabetes, cancer and depression in people

Does ultra-processed dry cat food cause health problems that have not been properly investigated such as diabetes and cancer

I’m going to suggest a potential link between the ultra-processed dry cat food that we give cats and certain health issues in cats. This link is rarely discussed. However, in The Times today there is a report about how ultra-processed foods raises the risk of cancer, diabetes and depression in people. The physiology of …

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Some notes on SENVELGO an ‘effective glycemic control’ of cats diagnosed with diabetes not on insulin

Senvelgo may assist caregivers of cats who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and not on insulin

In 2020, it was estimated that 1 in every 300 dogs and 1 in 230 cats would develop diabetes during their lifetime. Additionally, a report published in 2016 suggested an upward trend in the disease, rising 80% in dogs and 18% in cats over a ten-year period. Patterson Veterinary concerning pet cats and dogs in the …

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How common is diabetes in cats? It varies depending on where you are.

Diabetics are more prone to infection

Cats with diabetes most commonly suffer from the Type II form (80-90%) which occurs when glucose levels are high because cells in the body do not respond appropriately to insulin and when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to manage blood sugar levels. So how common is diabetes in domestic gas? The …

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Why are Burmese cats 5 times more likely than other breeds to develop Type II diabetes?

Dream a Burmese cat

I endeavour to answer the question as to why Burmese cats are 5 times more likely than other breeds to develop Type II diabetes? The general view is that Burmese cats are about 5 times more likely than other cat breeds to develop Type II diabetes (diabetes mellitus). One study says that the predisposition …

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Average domestic cat weighing 13 pounds is at a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Diabetes tester

The average domestic cat weighing 13 pounds or more is at a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. That’s just 3 pounds overweight for a standard-sized cat which would normally weigh about 10 pounds. The point to note is that it is very easy for a cat owner to overlook a 3-pound …

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Can cats be cured of diabetes?

Diabetic cat

This is a question for a veterinarian or scientist so what I’ll do is cite some stories about cats being cured of diabetes. Although individual cats respond in different ways, in these examples the cats were cured of diabetes by transferring from dry cat food to wet. That, in a nutshell, was the cure. …

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Cat diabetes – home treatment – first hand experience

Home treatment for feline diabetes

Intro: this is a long and detailed article. It is written by a great guy who has first hand experience of caring for a diabetic cat so it is very useful. Bob kindly agreed to pass on his experience. It was written years ago but is as useful now as it was then. Feline …

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