Sphynx cat breed has the shortest life expectancy of 6.68 years

Sphynx cat

A comprehensive UK study conducted in 2019-2021 and published in 2024 concluded that the Sphynx cat breed “had the shortest life expectancy at year 0 among the analysed breeds at 6.68 years. Being entire, purebred and with a non-ideal body weight were significantly linked to a decreased lifespan.” The word “entire” means unsterilised. The …

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Oklahoman kitten serial killer sentenced to 12 years in prison

Oklahoman kitten serial killer sentenced to 12 years in prison.

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is not hot of the press cat news because I’ve been slow to pick up on it but it needs reporting because it is exceptionally rare for judges to hand down a severe punishment to criminals who abuse and kill cats and kittens. And that statement applies to anywhere in …

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Semen sniffer dogs can detect a pinprick of seminal fluid which is years old

Semen sniffer dogs can detect a pinprick of seminal fluid sometimes years after it has been deposited

This is the remarkable story of a very special kind of dog; sniffer dogs to help catch sex offenders. Their remarkable sense of smell is quite extraordinary. PC Steve Gunn when speaking of his dog April said: “She’s amazing. She will find even a pinprick of seminal fluid – less than 0.1 mL – …

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Arctic polar bears are going hungry and losing weight thanks to climate change

Polar bears are going hungry as ice melts from Arctic thanks to global warming

A study published in the journal Nature Communications, yesterday, has come to the conclusion that polar bears in the Arctic are gradually starving to death because of global warming. That’s how I would characterise the findings of their study. In essence, it goes like this. There is less sea ice because of global warming. …

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Claudia Schiffer took her cat, Chip, to the premiere of Argylle, a film in which he appears

Claudia Shiffer and he cat Chip in a car carrier

Chip is a handsome cat. He has rapidly become a cat celebrity. He appears to be a Scottish Fold, judging by his appearance in this video. The Scottish Fold has been made popular by human celebrities by Taylor Swift. In fact, Swift has promoted the breed very effectively. RELATED: Taylor Swift has 3 cats. …

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