Feline Hypothermia and Frostbite

The winter has been brutal in Midwestern United States, I am told by the newspapers online. The subzero temperatures are far lower than any that we experience here in the UK. Midwestern United States is an area which is towards the top and the middle of the US. The region consists of 12 states. …

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Treatment For Frostbite In Cats

by Michael (London, UK) Frostbite affects the extremities, obviously. These are toes, ear flaps and tail, for example. The fur on these areas is less thick as well. A frostbitten ear will look pale and white. It turns to a swollen red with the return of circulation. Once settled it will look like a …

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Russian Railways now prohibit attendants from chucking pets off trains

Twix chucked of Russian train by attendant into -30 Celsius and snow

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a very recent development which has come about because a ginger tabby-and-white domestic cat, Twix, was thrown off a Russian train in freezing conditions with deep snow on the ground because the cat had escaped his carrier while the owner was asleep and the attendant mistook the domestic cat …

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Do cats shiver when they are cold?

Stray ginger tabby survives Quebec winter and comes in from the cold

The question seems simplistic and the answer obvious but I have never seen my cat shiver even when outside in very cold temperatures. Perhaps the fact that the domestic cat is well protected against the cold with their fur coat is a reason why they shiver infrequently. For the true feral cat matters will …

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Picture of ‘Pyro’ the only wartime flying domestic cat

Pyro the flying WW2 tabby cat

This is very late in the day to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of a humble tabby cat who was rescued as a kitten by photographer, Bob Bird, who, during World War II, worked at the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment based in Helensburgh, Scotland. As a photographer he named his rescued kitten “Pyro” because …

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Do cats feel the cold (and cold objects)?

Gabs sits on tablecloth because it felt warmer than the cold stone kitchen counter

Yes, unquestionably, domestic cats feel the cold and cold objects. My first argument is that if cats feel the warmth then they must be able to feel the cold. We know that cats like to go to warm places. We all know that cats like warmth. They sit in the sun. They go to …

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