The wrinkly skin of hairless cats

Sphynx crinkled or wrinkly skin on top of head

The wrinkly skin of hairless cats is caused by what? I have tried to answer the question but I’m reliant on speculating what I think might cause it. Some people might believe that cats with normal coats have the sort of wrinkled skin that we see in these photographs. However, this simply isn’t true. …

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Are all domestic cats wrinkly like hairless cats but we just can’t see it?

Odd-eyed hairless cats

This is a interesting question. It is certainly peculiar that we are seeing many hairless cats with incredibly wrinkly skin particularly on the top of their heads. I’m not sure that there is a caste iron answer to the question as to why hairless cats have wrinkly skin. Certainly, cats with fur do not …

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Are hairless cats hypoallergenic?

Temporary bipedal cat!

No, hairless cats are not hypoallergenic per se but if you are allergic to cats your reaction to a hairless cat may be less than it would otherwise be to a normal cat with a coat. I’ll explain why. The allergen which causes people to be allergic to cats is the Fel d1 protein …

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Cervical cancer campaign uses hairless cats to encourage screening

myGP cervical screening campaign

UK: MyGP wanted to encourage women to attend cervical cancer screening during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. They decided to use the amount of fur on domestic cats to encourage women to go for screening. It’s what I would call a fusion of two aspects of life: the concept that women like domestic cats and …

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Exploitation of hairless cats for self-aggrandizement

Dressed-up Sphynx cat

For me, and I suspect many others, this is an example of the exploitation of hairless cats for self-aggrandizement. A lot of people will disagree with me and enjoy the videos on TikTok, one of which is published below. I’ll explain what I mean. This woman, in Russia, realises that Sphynx cats have an …

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Pictures of odd-eyed hairless cats are eye-catching

Rosie and Poppy live with Sarah Jenkins who lives in the US. Sarah is a teacher and she decided to share her quality photos of her Sphynx odd-eyed cats on social media because someone said that they looked ‘weird’. Weird is good on social media especially if they are cats. It is an excellent …

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Katie Price’s new guard dog rips tail off one of her hairless cats and the other scrams

Hagrid and Dobby

For PoC’s International readers, Katie Price is a British celebrity, constantly in the news even though she is well past her sell-by date. She likes animals and has a menagerie. However, she has had some bad luck with animals or is it bad management or caretaking? Recently she adopted an Alsatian guard dog, Blade, …

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