Comparing the amiability of indoor/outdoor cats and full-time indoor cats

Comparing the behaviour of indoor cats and indoor/outdoor cats

This is an interesting survey which compares the behaviour of indoor/outdoor cats with those who are kept indoors full-time and living with other cats. I think it’ll be useful to people considering adopting a cat and whether they should keep the cat indoors full-time or allow them outdoor access without supervision. Of course, there …

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Cats destined to become indoor cats should never be allowed outdoors

Full-time indoor Bengal cat gets much needed exercise

Full-time indoor cats are a growing trend. Domestic cats are thankfully flexible about the amount of space they feel that they need. In contrast the captive wild cats in zoos tend to pace due to boredom and the fact that the amount of space available is a tiny fraction of what they inherently desire. …

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Apple AirTag to track your indoor/outdoor cat or dog

Apple AirTag cat collar

The Apple AirTag is a device which is designed to allow people to find lost objects such as keys. It is, as usual, a beautifully made product and it both links with your Apple smartphone through Bluetooth and also on a much wider scale through a network of other Apple smartphone users. This is …

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8 ways to have an indoor/outdoor cat and feed birds without jeopardizing the birds

8 ways to have an indoor and outdoor cat and feed the birds while protecting them

Here are 8 suggestions on how to be the caregiver of an indoor/outdoor and feed wild birds while minimising the predation of the birds that you feed by the cat that you care for! Note the obvious: keeping a cat indoor full-time is the obvious and total solution. The world is drifting towards that …

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Are indoor or indoor/outdoor cats healthier?

Domestic cat health - indoor versus indoor and outdoor lives

You would think that the answer is obvious and that you would say that indoor cats are healthier than indoor/outdoor cats. It’s more subtle than that. This is a big subject but perhaps it is useful to divide the health problems into two categories (1) trauma (2) everything else including parasitic infections, infectious diseases, …

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Indoor/outdoor cat persecuted in Bellevue, Washington under strict companion animal laws


Miska is described as a badass cat, the baddest cat in the US but she’s just a standard free-roaming, tabby, indoor/outdoor cat who happens to live in Bellevue, Washington, USA, where there are extensive animal laws/regulations governing cat and dog ownership under Bellevue Municipal Code Title 8. For example, cats have to be licensed. …

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