3-legged lion swims 1 kilometre in crocodile infested river with brother

Kazinga Channel

Jacob is a 3-legged lion living in a national park in Uganda with his brother Tibu. Jacob is 10-years-old which is an amazing age (thanks to him having nine lives) as he lives in a very dangerous place for lions. He lost his leg in a poacher’s snare. He has been trapped twice in …

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50-year population decline for the lion, tiger, leopard and cheetah in an Infographic

Population decline of lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah of the past 50 years

Here is an Infographic telling us about the shocking decline in population numbers of four iconic wild cat species. These are for big cats. I have left out the jaguar which is a classic big cat for no particular reason. It’s important to remember that, as stated in the Infographic, the best experts in …

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South Africa plans to close down captive lion industry

The captive lion industry. A fictional image created by AI.

The captive lion industry in South Africa (SA) includes: The captive lion industry of SA is highly exploitative and an abuse of lions which treats them worse than livestock. The only lions in SA should be protected in lion reserves/parks, which is the long-term goal. A complete transition then? A 246-page report has been …

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Rare fatal mountain lion attack El Dorado County 23rd March 2024

Fierce cougar

Fatal mountain lion (puma) attacks on people – often hikers in the beautiful American countryside – are very rare. But sometimes the cat is totally committed to the attack and cannot be scared off using the usual well-known techniques. This story is one such case. The sad story of a recent fatal mountain lion …

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Christian South African school’s fundraiser included the auction of a lion hunt

Futurum Akademie's unethical lion hunt as a fundraiser which was particularly shocking as this school says that their MO is rooted in Christian beliefs

NEWS AND COMMENT: This story comes from South Africa. I have started that way because South Africa has a bad reputation for abusing lions. They offer canned lion hunts to rich Europeans and Americans. They breed lions for these hunts. They abuse lions in the interests of financial profit. It’s a bad relationship with …

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