Insight into how male domestic cats FEEL and behave after prepubertal neutering in reference to men who underwent the same operation

Castrated male cats feel and behave like castrated men. That's my thought.

We are so used to male cats being neutered i.e. castrated, which entails the removal of the cat’s testes, that we hardly think about it. Typically male cat castration takes place before puberty. It is called prepubertal neutering or a prepubertal gonadectomy. You won’t find any literature or very little information about how male …

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Kotor Kitties is a brilliant non-profit spaying and neutering cats in Montenegro


This is an article about Kotor Kitties. They have a nice website which tells you how they started. How they grew into an international organisation. The start is always interesting and vitally important. What motivated April Lynn King, a volunteer, board member and a co-founder of Kotor Kitties? She lives in Seattle which, I …

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Trapping, spaying and neutering, and rehoming or releasing (TNR) stray cats is an act of kindness and not a crime.

Trapping, spaying and neutering, and rehoming or releasing (TNR) stray cats is an act of kindness, not a crime. Right? Apparently not in Wetumpka, Alabama where Judge Jeff Courtney convicted two ‘cat ladies’ on Tuesday of several charges. Beverly Roberts, 85, and Mary Alston, 61, were convicted on four counts and received a punishment …

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How male cat neutering affects their appearance

The effect of neutering male cats on their appearance

Am I the only person who is concerned about the effect that neutering has on a male domestic cat’s appearance? There is almost nothing, perhaps there is absolutely nothing, on the Internet or in the books that I have on whether people are concerned about the effect of neutering on the appearance of male …

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Spaying and neutering versus declawing in domestic cats

Why kittens are born with claws and why cats need them. Poster by Ruth - aka Kattaddorra.

There are some people who say that there is little difference between declawing domestic cats and spaying and neutering them. They are both modifications of the domestic cat. It is people taking the whole domestic cat, a beautiful animal, and modifying them in terms of their anatomy to suit the human environment and lifestyle. …

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Does neutering male cats make them less strong?

Does neutering male cats make then less strong?

I have concluded that neutering male cats is likely to make them less strong. The word “neutering” applies to male cats, as you probably know, although it can also be an umbrella term for spaying and neutering. It is the removal of their testes (testicles). As you might also know, the operation is considered …

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Why is San Antonio’s free spay and neutering clinic still shut down?

NEWS AND OPINION: the online news media (KSAT) tell me that the outdoor cat population in San Antonio, Texas, USA is “exploding” because the free spay and neutering programs remain closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Chapter 5 of the City of San Antonio Animal Care Code states that all outdoor cats must be …

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Spaying and neutering is ethical while declawing is not

Declawing is unethical and de-sexing is ethical

Sometimes I see the argument that cat declawing is no different from de-sexing; the spaying and neutering of cats. They argue that they are both mutilations for the benefit of people. This is a poor argument. There are two sides of the coin with respect to spaying and neutering domestic cats while there is …

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