Do pets help with OCD?

OCD in people

Yes, pets help with OCD. I’m taking my lead from both common sense and an excellent story on the mental website. Benefits of domestic cats and dogs generally It’s been well discussed on the Internet: the benefits of living with a companion cat or dog. The unconditional love they bring, the acceptance, the …

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Laser Pointers Can Cause OCD in Cats. True or False?

There is no clear cut answer as to whether laser pointers can cause OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) in cats. The likely answer is that if a cat is stressed or predisposed to OCD, the condition may be triggered by playing with a laser pointer and extended play with the device makes it more likely. …

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Cat’s small frontal lobes have something to do with high levels of OCD?

Temple Grandin (in conjunction with Catherine Johnson) believes that it is possible that the domestic cat’s small frontal lobes compared to the rest of the brain might have something to do with, what she sees, as a high occurrence of ODC-like behaviour in cats. A human’s frontal lobes, which are behind the forehead, take …

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Can cats work out the source of the laser pointer dot?

This cat figured out where a laser pointer light came from and it stopped him being interested in the toy.

Can cats work out the source of the laser pointer dot? Some can and some can’t, would seem to the answer. The smart ginger tabby-and-white Maine Coon below did work it out and he is described as smart by his caregiver. He looks smart too. He is one of those Maine Coons that look …

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Infographic on PREVENTING limescale build-up in your kettle with NO assistance and no tricks

PREVENTING limescale in kettle

The infographic explains how to PREVENT the build-up of limescale in a kettle in normal use in a hard water area without resorting to any assistance such as water softening, descalers etc.. This is a preventative measure. I have stressed the word because Google seems unable to differentiate between prevention and reaction. I agree, …

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Are indoor or indoor/outdoor cats healthier?

Domestic cat health - indoor versus indoor and outdoor lives

You would think that the answer is obvious and that you would say that indoor cats are healthier than indoor/outdoor cats. It’s more subtle than that. This is a big subject but perhaps it is useful to divide the health problems into two categories (1) trauma (2) everything else including parasitic infections, infectious diseases, …

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Why do domestic cats self-harm sometimes?

Cat over-grooming

Self-harm in cats is often a displacement activity. This is a complicated topic because even the experts don’t really have a handle on it and it often concerns mental health. In the same way that self-harming in people concerns mental health. I believe that there is a distinct overlap between self-harming in people and …

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