Raw Food Diet For a Cat

Raw liver – photo reproduced under CC copyright podchef I can remember giving raw chicken kidneys to a wandering pregnant cat. She loved them. I adopted two of her litter. That was 20 years ago. I have since become more knowledgeable on the possible defects of a raw food diet for a cat. I …

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Processed meat-based pet food is less healthy than raw food and for dogs less healthy than a vegan diet

Vegan pet memes

This article concerns a study about dogs which I think is helpful to cat owners. Almost universally cat caregivers feed their cats with processed meat-based commercially prepared cat food. It’s either dry or wet but ultimately, it’s meat-based or fish-based. It is rarely plant-based although today there are commercially-prepared cat food products which are …

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Veterinarian reports woman to Animal Control for ‘severe neglect and abuse’ for following raw cat food diet

What would you do if your veterinarian called Animal Control to your home because of the food you were feeding your cats? This is the story of a woman in a small town on the west coast (unnamed for privacy concerns) who took her goat into her regular veterinarian for treatment and ended up …

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Will Demand for Species Appropriate Raw Diets Influence Traditional Pet Food Manufacturers?

There has been an increasing emphasis on the importance of feeding cats a well-balanced species appropriate diet. As a result, many kitty guardians have discovered the majority of the popular well-known brands of commercially prepared cat food are falling short of meeting their cats’ essential nutritional needs. In part these nutritional discrepancies are caused …

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