Garages can collect pet food donations from the public to supply animal rescues

Pet food donations delivered to Stewart's Donnybrook automotive repair shop

This is an idea from Gary Stewart in Tyler, Texas who I believe owns and certainly manages Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive. He is in the news because he’s been insightful enough and generous enough to start and run a pet food collection program on behalf of a couple of local animal rescues in Henderson and …

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Monumental rescue effort saving cats and dogs destined for China’s meat markets

Jeffrey Beri of No Dogs Left Behind poses with a rescued golden retriever that will taste freedom for the first time

Like others I expect, I am immensely impressed by the monumental effort of Jeffrey Beri and his team at the New York-based No Dogs Left Behind charity in rescuing dozens of cats and dogs in China where they were destined to be brutally tortured, then eaten. They were flown from China to New York. …

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Save rescue animals’ lives. Email California State Assembly Committee urgently. April 2024.

Writing an email to California's Assembly Committee lobbying for AB2265!

This is a cross post to help publicise it. America’s foremost animal rescue advocate, Nathan Winograd, is campaigning to enact a piece of legislation passing through California’s legislature at the moment which would save the lives of rescue animals in California. It’s very important. It’s a piece of legislation which makes common sense. It’s …

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Give up dream to rescue cats or give up your partner?

Partnership under stress over one being allergic to cats and the other wanting to rescue cats

The title is simplified but this is another story about friendships or partnerships becoming stressed over the domestic cat. In a previous post I mentioned the stresses that can happen between long established friends if one allows their cat outside unsupervised and the other doesn’t believe in that type of cat caregiving. In this …

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70 Bengal cats in poor condition rescued from breeder in Runcorn, UK

Bengal cats rescued in Runcorn from an irresponsible and failed breeder

NEWS AND COMMENT: The news media does not fully explain the situation but the story is that an animal charity has rescued 70 Bengal cats from a “horrific breeding situation”. It is very rare for a cat breeder to fail so catastrophically. We don’t know whether the breeder was an informal Bengal cat breeder …

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