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The British Columbia law on owning a serval is a mishmash.

Are servals legal in British Columbia?

The answer is slightly complicated, indeed a mishmash. Servals are not in the Controlled Alien Species (CAS) list for the province of British Columbia. I take that to mean that there are no laws...

Servals not listed as a potentially dangerous animal under Washington state law

Are servals legal in Washington state?

Yes, servals are legal in Washington state for individuals to own and possess. You don’t need a permit either on my assessment. This is because under Washington law (statute) RCW 16.30.010, servals are not...

Virginia law requires that a person applies for a permit before owning a serval

Is it legal to own a serval in Virginia?

Provided you have a permit it is legal to own a serval in Virginia. The state rules on exotic animal ownership including servals are found at 4VAC15-30-40 of the administrative code. This section of...

PA legislature

Are servals legal in PA?

I’m referring to the ownership of a serval by an individual living in Pennsylvania, USA. Is it legal? The answer is NO, unless you have a permit. I would take issue with the way...

Asha a serval on TikTok

Are servals legal in Georgia?

It is illegal for individual living in Georgia to own and possess a serval without a licence or permit. I can quote the law of Georgia on this with confidence and I have just...

Serval cub with huge ears for sound hunting of rodents in long grass in Africa

Are servals legal in Ohio?

This applies to the present (May 29, 2022). Under Ohio statute: Chapter 935. Dangerous Wild Animals and Restricted Snakes, section §935.01 (C)(7)(e) it is illegal for an individual Ohio citizen to possess and own...

Young tame male serval at A1 Savannahs around 12 years ago

Reproduction and development of serval cats

For the serval, estrus (the recurring changes brought on by reproductive hormones) lasts about 4 days. During this time a male and female can stay together. Gestation (pregnancy) is about 74 days. The serval...

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