Turkish Angora breed standard – illustrated summary

Turkish Angora

I use the CFA Turkish Angora breed standard as my guide in writing this summary. I also use my own words, which are less formal and I don’t make an attempt to cover the entire standard as this is meant to be an overview of the cat and how she should look when looked at …

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Deaf Turkish Angora Annoys Owner Because He Jumps on Kitchen Counter

This lady wants to modify her cat’s behaviour. He is a 7-month-old Turkish Angora (TA). She didn’t realise it until recently that he is deaf. Turkish Angoras are not uncommonly born deaf and sometimes have odd-eye color (blue and yellow) both for the same reason: the presence of the while spotting (piebald gene) or …

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Theft of the Turkish Angora Cat Breed

The distinguished and important cat breed, the Turkish Angora, has been hijacked not once but twice. While the real Turkish Angora resides in Turkey the American cat fancy has created a new cat and given it the name “Turkish Angora”. It is not even a good replica of the original. It neither looks like …

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The Real Turkish Angora Part 2

The article I wrote about “The Real Turkish Angora” has been published and expanded upon in a Turkish cat magazine. Naturally, it is in the Turkish language. Here is part of the email from The Angora Cat association informing me of this welcome development: Do you remember you wrote a short article about ”The …

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