Common sense explanation for why Turkish family walk on all fours

Ulas family walking on all fours due to balance issues and being trained by parents to walk like this

There is an interesting story circulating on news media on the Internet about a Turkish family walking on all fours. There’s been speculation that they’d regressed in time to a point in our evolution when we were not bipedal (walked upright). There are surprising photographs and video of the Ulas family in Turkey walking …

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Pros and cons of taking your leash-trained cat to public places for walks

Woman takes her cat for a walk in the evening in suburbia

I’d like to provide my input first and secondly I have added the experiences of others with their thoughts and advice. Whether leash training and taking your cat for a walk in a public place is good or bad depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which is the character of …

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Reason why a cat might follow their caregiver down the sidewalk

Cat follows owner down sidewalk

The reason why cats sometimes, perhaps rarely, like to ‘take walks’ with their owners is not the same reason why dogs often take walks with their owners. The difference in reason goes to the very heart of the feline and canine character. This is not to say that cats cannot be trained to walk …

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Video of alleged cat torturer and man murderer walking the streets looking for a victim

Prosecution at Scarlet Blake's murder trial claim this is CCTV footage released by Thames Valley police of her walking the streets looking for a 'victim'. Human or cat or both?

You may have heard about Scarlet Blake who is currently the defendant in a murder trial in the UK for the killing of Jorge Martin Carreno in Oxford. The man was allegedly chosen at random as she had no connection with him. And also, for animal cruelty in the alleged torture and killing of …

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Praising a dedicated female veterinarian who walked 3 miles through icy, snowy conditions to treat a very ill cat

Dr Nicole Martin

NEWS AND COMMENT: There is always a time to praise something really good in the cat world. Over the years I have criticised veterinarians but also praised them. My criticism for American veterinarians is nearly always over declawing and is therefore entirely justified 🤔. But in this instance, Dr. Nicole Martin of the Caldwell …

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Muzzled XL bully unable to defend herself when attacked by a cat on a walk

Nova and Casey

You may know that in the UK, American XL bully ownership is subject to Draconian restrictions including wearing a muzzle when in public and on a lead. It is also illegal to breed, sell, advertise gift and exchange or abandon or let an XL bully dog. The law has been in force since December …

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Dog-walker captured on doorbell videocam giving cat a fatal kick

Elderly man wantonly attacks elderly cat in the street in plain sight

NEWS AND COMMENT: The video is difficult to watch, of course. I’ve watched it very briefly because I have to in order to write this article. The elderly man appears to have acted aggressively in the video as indicated by the way he puts on his dog’s collar. The dog approaches him with his …

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Domestic cats walk differently when they are pregnant

Waddling pregnant cat

Obviously, domestic cats continue to walk around the home when they are pregnant but as the pregnancy progresses and their body changes, they adapt their gait accordingly. The mother-to-be may adopt a wider stance, take smaller steps and waddle as you see in the video on this page. It’s always wise to consult with …

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