Bottled water or tap water for your cat?

Bottled or tap water for your cat?

What is better for your cat? Bottled water or tap water? The article applies to developed countries in the West. Decisions about providing water for your cat can be complicated; perhaps overcomplicated. There is, though, a debate about bottled water versus tap water, which has been dramatically altered by a recent research project about …

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How long can a domestic cat survive without food OR without water?

How long can cats survive on food only or water only?

This is a commonly asked question and I’ve not yet seen a really good answer. When you ask how long a domestic cat can survive without food you are presuming that the cat has access to water and therefore you are asking for how long a cat can survive on water only. Technically, the …

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Superb Ukrainian animal rescuers dodge bombs and bullets to rescue dogs and cats stranded in floodwaters

Cat rescued from dam floods

These guys are amazing. The skill and professionalism of the guy you see in the video is impressive. The way he catches the cat who was scared and tried to escape shows a good understanding of animals as does the way he gave a scared dog on a roof the time to adjust to …

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A water fountain that monitors you cat’s water intake (useful for health management)

Cat water fountain recommended by Ben the Vet on TikTok

In the video we see Ben the Vet on TikTok recommending a water fountain for cats which is very sophisticated. It’s worth a look at even if he is promoting it for a commission. Ben is now a social media influencer and he’s decided to make a bit of extra money probably because he …

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Do cats like their water bowl at a distance from their food bowl?

Distance between food and water for cats. Why?

People ask: Why do cats like their water separate from their food? They are asking if cats like their water bowl at a distance from their food bowl. And if they do; why? You see some pretty fancy arguments as to why cats like this but I’d bet my bottom dollar that these are …

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Connection between hard water and urinary crystals in cats?

There are indications, based upon a study carried out by a large pet medical insurer, that there is a connection between urinary tract health problems, particularly crystals in the urine, and hard water. BUT there are counterarguments and this is only one study. I can’t find others which supports this. Note: this page was …

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Non-toxic waterproof lipstick remover for a kissed cat!

Removing waterproof lipstick from a cat's forehead with coconut oil

These answers concern removing waterproof lipstick from lips. It is the same thing as removing it from the forehead of a cat in terms of process, effectiveness and gentleness. What One option for a non-toxic waterproof lipstick remover is to use coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural and safe ingredient that can effectively …

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Are there cat breeds that like water?

It is a fantasy that all Sphynx cats LOVE water

Internet articles are misleading on the topic of cat breeds liking or loving water. Is it true as the internet largely states that there are cat breeds that like or love water which means that they like to jump into water and join you in the shower and dive into baths begging to be …

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