Why do white cats make bad mothers?

White cats can be challenged in being good moms but compensate in using other senses if they are congenitally deaf

I think the question in the title is a little harsh and it needs to be discussed. Not all white cats make bad mothers. In fact, it might be argued that white cats don’t make bad mothers despite the fact that if the mother is completely white with blue eyes, they have a 60%-80% …

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White cats glow in the dark! But have you ever seen it?

Leopard skin glows under UV light as it is flourescent

News media are reporting on a study which says that cats are fluorescent and therefore they glow in the dark. But I don’t understand this report. It does not make sense to me at all. The study says that many animals emit fluorescent light. Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance which …

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Why do white cats get eye boogers, sunburned and white hair?

Jacqueline Fernandez with her white flat-faced Persian with tear duct overflow causing staining

There are three questions in the title. I will answer them in reverse order! Why do white cats have white fur? Cats which are completely white have a gene in their genetic makeup which is called the dominant white gene. It stops the development of cells in the skin that produce pigment. These cells …

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Colour changes in the eyes of an odd-eyed white cat

Ivory has odd eye color and they change in color

Ivory is a 10 year old, white, domestic shorthaired cat with odd-eye colour. Her right eye is gold coloured and her left eye is yellow-green coloured. Her owner, Gabriela Carvalho, 28, a nursing student, adopted Ivory from the same rescue centre that she adopted her former cat from, whose name was Luna. Luna died …

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